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Pets are welcome!


Our Hotel in Trentino welcomes your pets.

We have realised that it would be much simpler for you to find the areas and equipment that your pets need when you reach your destination.

We have therefore thought-up some services that will make your stay, and that of your pets, much simpler and more comfortable.

…so don’t leave your pets at home, they are welcome to stay when you book one of our spacious apartments next to our hotel.

The services offered:

Apartment vacation, next to our hotel, for greater commodity and more spacious areas.
Servizio veterinario in zona.
Dishes and comfortable cushions are at your disposal so you don’t have to set-off from home over packed!
24-hour vet service
You can take your pets for a walk in large open grass areas.
To be ready to satisfy your needs, please let us know in time exactly what you need.