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Hotel Ecolabel

A Flower is the symbol of the European Ecolabel that distinguishes environment-friendly products and services.
For producers, the European Ecolabel is an opportunity to prove their commitment and awareness toward environmental problems in a world that is becoming more and more sensitive toward these topics.
For consumers, it is the best way to find and choose products that respect the environment.

Following the Decision 2003/287/EC, the European Committee has officially extended the applicability of the Ecolabel, the European Community Ecological quality mark, to tourist services and facilities. The main intention of the initiative is that of encouraging hotels and similar facilities, as well as tourists, to respect the environment and to save natural resources.

Hotel Ecolabel is a European environmental mark that is assigned to hotels and related structures that stand-out for their awareness and respect for nature through the solutions that they offer such as: differentiated waste collection, energy and water saving and the use of environment-friendly products.

The Ecolabel is a voluntary subscription and is granted to products and services that meet ecological and performance criteria established at a European level.
By obtaining the mark, the structures are granted a certificate of excellence that is only issued for products and services that ensure reduced environmental impact. The criteria are periodically audited and made even more stringent in order to continuously foster improvement of the environmental quality of products and services.

The fact that our Hotel boasts this Ecolabel means that tourists are guaranteed:

  • that we reduce pollution of the air, water and ground because we use environment-friendly products;
  • that we manage differentiated waste collection correctly;
  • that we reduce wastes in energy and resources;
  • that we safeguard biodiversity in the areas that are controlled directly by the hotels;
  • that we offer healthy and wholesome food, which comes partly from regional biological producers.

We assure all these aspects because we firmly believe that everybody should help to safeguard the environment. We have been given this wonderful asset and it is our duty to preserve and respect it.
So, by staying at our environment-friendly hotel in Trentino, not only will you have a great vacation but you will also give nature a helping hand!